After a quarter of a century of development and teams of people who dedicated themselves to this vision; the World Team platform and series is launching with a pilot.  The team will take on global environmental and social issues of consequence together, to demonstrate solutions to challenges facing our world.

World Team Project – Sustainable Solutions: Ocean Opportunities & Small Island States (SOS-IS)  is part of the journey in action on this global team’s adventure, to get island states beginning with villages involved with the global environmental movement.  World Team is about how humanity lives as a society in better balance with our resources. The World Team project consists of our non-profit, World Team Now and the media platform and series; World Team (this website).

What we are creating is a global conversation through a multi-media platform that connects people, to projects, around the world.  It is a game about how and why we humans make choices. World Team has engineered a creative architecture to approach social and environmental projects that demonstrate how people can work together for global transformation.

World Team is about the pioneering spirit of teamwork, to go beyond country, culture, and language barriers being stewards of our common home, and of all of creation.  Read more about World Team in World Team Now’s blog

Profession Vocation, Committed to Service:  People in body together can transform our world.  This is a project about human potential using the synergy of team.   World Team is about nurturing the seed that lives in EVERYBODY. If you are a person who wants to demonstrate change and can bring forward a useful skill something that is your passion, is altruistic and have used your life force to be unstoppable in standing for the highest good possible, consider being a cast member – we will be casting soon. Reach out and contact us. Team members are passionate about the world, humanitarian and environmental issues, and feel responsible for this crossroads facing humanity, and want to be part of an example of change. Our goal together is to demonstrate how we have the power to be better stewards of ALL creation.